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Garden and Landscape Design Process


Initial Consultation


The process for garden design begins with an initial consultation. This is to gain an insight into how the garden will be used and by whom. We will discuss preferences and ideas for the space and this will later determine the design in the conceptual phase. 

If the client would like to proceed then a site survey will need to be taken of the garden at a later date, for smaller London gardens this can be undertaken by the company, for larger more complex sites, a topographical survey may need to be undertaken by a separate surveyor. 

Montague 0.1.jpg

Conceptual Phase 


The concept phase consists of usually 1-2 ideas for the space, these ideas take the form of 3-D computer generated images, mood-boards and layout plans. 

There is then a meeting to discuss these designs and feedback given in this stage will determine the final plans to be drawn up. 

Screenshot 2024-02-07 203522.png

Master Plans 

Based on the feedback and preferences discussed in the second stage, a master plan, planting plan, further 3-D renders, construction detailing, including drawings that require structural engineer sign off and tender documents will be presented to the client, along with additional mood-boards and material samples.  


Upon the sign off of these plans, quotes from contractors will be sourced.


Project Inspection 

Amelia works with different landscaping companies across London and the south-east to bring the design from paper to reality and will assist with everything from arranging quotations and site visits during building all the way through to plant nursery visits to choose individual trees and plants. 

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