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Landscape Designer

Amelia Bouquet Garden Design - Landscaping Design for Your Back Garden

Choosing the right plants for your back garden can be a challenge if you have little experience with greenery. Even if you do understand the necessary requirements, hiring a landscape designer can help you achieve the look that you envision for your back garden. 


When it comes to landscaping design for back gardens, you can count on Amelia Bouquet Garden Design to help bring your dream back garden to life. Amelia trained at the historic Chelsea Physic Garden in London, completing her training in garden design at the English Gardening School. She emphasises horticulture in her design work and knows that a garden is only as good as its plants and that there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to what she does as a landscape designer. 


The process starts with a consultation with Amelia. Her consultations take the unique surroundings and requirements for each garden, resulting in a visual and tangible expression of the people who enjoy it as part of their daily lives.As a landscape designer, Amelia will get a better understanding of your vision and will gain insight on how you plan on using  the garden. If you plan on going forward, she will then design plans based on your feedback. 


Amelia will visit the site and map out the garden boundaries, including any elements that will be part of the overall landscaping design of your back garden. Then she'll create 3-D renders and mood-boards to give you a visual idea of the completed project as well as what plants you can expect. Once you accept the landscaping design of the back garden, you'll get a detailed plan of execution. It's vital to work with a landscape designer who understands your ideas and motivations for investing in a garden design and landscaping service. 


Do you want to get started? Then please take a look at her portfolio at Amelia Bouquet Garden Design London and get in touch for your free consultation.

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