Back Garden Design

I Want to Design My Garden

Are you looking into back garden design? If you're thinking, "I want to design my garden," your next thought might be, "I need some help." It may be a bit overwhelming because there are so many options. Why not collaborate with a landscape designer? First, take a look at my portfolio to see if you like my work. Then, you may want to know more about me. I trained at the historic Chelsea Physic Garden, completing my training in garden design at the English Gardening School.


If you're thinking, "I want to design my garden," I can help. Let's work on your back garden design together. I'll visit the site and map out the garden boundaries, including any elements that will be part of the overall design. Then I'll create 3-D renders and mood-boards to give you a visual idea of the completed project as well as what plants you can expect. Once you accept the design, you'll get a detailed plan of execution.


You can either go ahead and plant the garden yourself, or I can also help with the landscaping as well as pick out the best plants. If you're ready to get started, please review my portfolio at Amelia Bouquet Garden Design London and get in touch for a free consultation.