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Garden Design - how the process works


Initial Consultation


The process for garden design begins with an initial free consultation. This is to gain an insight into how the garden will be used and by whom. We will discuss preferences and ideas for the space and this will later determine the content in the conceptual phase. 


A site survey will be completed during this meeting which maps out the existing boundaries and elements in the garden. 


If it is agreed that the client would like to move forward, Amelia will send through the client brief, listing in detail the points discussed in the meeting.

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 17.14.16.png

Conceptual Phase 


Once the client brief has been reviewed and agreed the three conceptual plans will be created. 


The conceptual plans take the form of birds eye view plans, 3-D renders and mood-boards. 


There will be a second meeting to review these plans. Comments and feedback on these concepts are really helpful in determining the final design. 

Croydon Garden Design.jpg

Master Layout Plan 

Based on the feedback and preferences discussed in the second stage, a master plan, planting plan, further 3-D renders and construction detailing (where necessary) will be presented to the client, along with additional mood-boards and material samples.  


Upon the sign off of these plans, quotes from contractors will be sourced to find the right price for hard landscaping. 

Surrey Planting Design.jpg

Planting and Project Management 


Amelia will choose the plants in person and plant up the garden. Project management of the design also ensures that the vision discussed at the beginning is realised at the end of the process. This involves regular site visits and communication with client and contractor. 

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