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Front Garden Landscaping

Add Curb Appeal with Great Front Garden Landscaping

Amazing front garden landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal and increase the value of your home. If you're searching for a country garden designer to help you with the designing of your front garden landscaping, look no further than Amelia Bouquet Garden Design in London.


As a country garden designer, Amelia can create the dream front garden that you have always wanted. Whether you want flowers, or edible plants, pots or raised beds, Amelia can help you make all the crucial decisions that will give you the garden of your dreams. Your ideal front garden landscaping plan might be overflowing with gorgeous flowers or vegetables and herbs for garden-fresh meals. Amelia will collaborate with you to find the best choices regarding seasonal planting and more.


The process starts with an initial free consultation to gain an insight into how you want to use your front garden. Amelia will then collaborate and discuss your preferences and ideas for the space. Next, she’ll conduct a site survey to map out the existing boundaries and elements in the garden and develop a design plan. Once you've reviewed and agreed to the ideas, she will develop three conceptual plans that will give you a birds-eye view with 3-D renders and mood-boards. At your second meeting, you both will review the garden design plan and determine the final design. Once you have agreed on the final plan, she’ll get quotes from contractors for the front garden landscaping. She will choose the plants in person and provide project management to ensure that the vision you both discussed is brought to life in the landscape.


Are you ready to get started with this amazing country garden designer? Then book your free consultation with Amelia Bouquet Garden Design today.

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